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"The folks at Quiet Light are creative, artistic, innovative, fun, responsive and somewhat affordable."
Tom Rourke, Danisco

Omega Protein

When I met Terry and his team at Quiet Light Communications I had been promoted to Director of Sales and Marketing for North America for Omega Protein. The challenge that we both had was that Omega had never been in the food ingredient business. Their primary business was fishmeal for the animal feed industry.

On my side of the coin, I had never been responsible for a marketing program.

Because of all of the above, Terry had a tremendous challenge. (You wouldn’t believe some of the ideas that the management team at Omega came up with.) In addition to developing a marketing program from the ground up, Quiet Light had to teach everyone what marketing food ingredients was all about. The ingredient we were selling to food manufacturers had never been used in food. The company had never sold anything to the food industry. Nevertheless, within a year we had sales of over a million dollars.

Based on the recommendations and actions of Quiet Light Communications the responses that we got were nothing short of spectacular.

Quiet Light’s efforts contributed to that success mightily.
Wally O'Brien, Former Director of Sales & Marketing - Omega Protein

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