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"Terry and his group approach every project on a “right first time” basis and this approach allows costs to come in on budget and timelines to be met. Their keen listening to our needs resulted in...our marketing program that is admired by industry personnel today."
Winston Samuels, MAXX Performance

Silverson Machines

I really enjoy working with Terry and the staff of professionals at Quiet Light Communications. They are a talented group with exceptional customer service skills and a great sense of humor. This combination makes for an enjoyable working relationship.
Fran Carhart, Vice President Operations - Silverson Machines
Though QLC has been working with Silverson Machines, Ltd for many years it is only recently that I have started to work closely with the team in Rockford. Our remit was to review and develop a marketing strategy which would encompass such traditional items such as brochures and print media but also how we would use the internet and web site in the most effective manner for our industry, with the ultimate target of dramatically increasing the number of quality sales leads.

It took a little time to refine the strategy but the end results have been nothing short of fantastic. Our website traffic has significantly increased and we are seeing huge spikes when we send our EDM’s. The actual feedback we are getting from end users is hugely positive and more importantly the number of genuine sales leads being generated has tripled. Overall the project has been a huge success.

My final comment would be on the team at QLC themselves. Winston Churchill famously said that Britain and the USA where two great nations divided by the same language. I’m happy to say that this was never the issue with QLC. Once everyone understood the exact objects of the project, I found working with QLC very easy, informative, rewarding and most of all good fun. I’m looking forward to working with the QLC team in continuing our recent success, because of course as the client we’re never satisfied!
Matt Smith, Sales Director - Silverson Machines

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