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Getting to know Quiet Light – Eleanor Mae – “Ellie”

Q: Where does Ellie sleep?
A: In her big dog crate. She really loves it in there – some nights she’ll even put herself to bed.

Q: What is Ellie’s guilty pleasure?
A: SOCKS. All of the socks. Now that winter is approaching, she’s expanding her horizons to mittens.

Q: Name one of Ellie’s quirks
A: Ever since she was a little nugget – if she sees you putting her toys back in her basket, she’ll wait until you’re done and then take them out one by one.

Q: Is she a cat lover?
A: She LOVES her brother (cat), Henry, though her way of showing it isn’t usually well received by the cat.

Q: What is her best trick?
A: Hiding stuff in her cheeks – treats, leaves, sticks and anything else she shouldn’t have.

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