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Getting to know Quiet Light – Gizmo (aka. Gizz)

Q:What is Gizmo’s favorite place to nap? 
A: On his human mamma’s lap.

Q: What is Gizmo most afraid of?
A: Somebody actually catching him. Ever. He’s super fast. Oh….and his soon-to-be human dad, Shawn.

Q: What gets Gizmo into trouble?
A: Stealing mittens & socks. Eating nerf bullets.

Q: Does Gizmo have a favorite toy? 
A: His “Baby” a toy stuffed animal fox.

Q: What is Gizmo’s oddest quirk? 
A: Lately, eating Christmas lights, or just barking and barking and barking. He also pulls at your pants leg like he’s begging you to pick him up, but when you bend over to pick him up – he runs away.

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