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Bethany Bell joins Quiet Light Communications as Public Relations/Social Media Manager

Social media expert expands company’s presence in foodservice sector

ROCKFORD, Ill. (May 9, 2019) – Quiet Light Communications (QLC), a full-service, B2B, food and nutrition marketing communications firm is pleased to announce Bethany Bell has joined the company as public relations and social media manager. Ms. Bell will be responsible for building PR and social media strategies for the company’s foodservice clients.

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Taco Tuesday

We may have missed celebrating Cinco de Mayo together, but we made up for it on Taco Tuesday.

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Getting to know Quiet Light – George – owner Nancy

In Honor of the Kentucky Derby our pet of the month is a horse, of course!

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Happy Earth Day

Who needs Captain Planet when you have the QLC Clean Up Crew?

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QLC loved the ideas people were brewing up at CBC in Denver.

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Getting to know Quiet Light – Leo – owner Vinnie

Q: What is Leo’s favorite snack?
A: This is a tough one for Leo because he has food allergies, oh the downside of being a purebred German Shepard. So right now he loves anything he can sneak. But back in his early years before the allergy diagnosis, Leo loved himself some popcorn! Not the microwave kind though, he loved some stovetop popcorn.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from QLC!

The only thing we love more than food is our clients! Happy Valentine’s Day from QLC! ❤

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Behind the Scenes for Briess

On set with Stephen Hamilton Productions for Briess Malt & Ingredients Co.

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Getting to know Quiet Light – Ralph the Cat – owner Alicia, Director of Digital Services

Q: Where does Ralph sleep?
A: During the day, you can usually find him snoozing in his tree fort (his cat tree) or basically anywhere far, far away from his 6 month old human sister.

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100 Year Challenge

Forget the #10yearchallenge, check out the #100yearchallenge of the historic building QLC calls home.

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