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May 1, 2009

Food Industry News | QLC Behind Sargento Food Ingredients Launch of Virtual R&D Kitchen

When you’re known for having a passion for cheese, sometimes you can’t get people to look deeper. Sargento Food Ingredients wanted its customers to look beyond its heritage in cheese to the many other ingredients and capabilities it had to offer the food industry. With the help of Quiet Light’s creative team, this desire became an online Idea Center, where Sargento could showcase its extensive portfolio of ingredients.

The Sargento Idea Center ( is a virtual creativity kitchen where visitors can experience the width and breadth of Sargento Food Ingredients product portfolio in an interactive, hands-on way. Visitors to the Sargento Idea Center are given the opportunity to build their own creations, using their imagination paired with Sargento products in their many shapes and forms.

Building the Sargento Idea Center was a joint effort that combined the creative and Web design talents of Quiet Light with the R&D know-how of Sargento. Along the way-just to be sure they were on the right path-Sargento customers helped tryout the virtual environment.

Upon completion, the Idea Center became a product development tool that gave Sargento customers another way to channel their creativity and explore new product ideas very efficiently and effectively. And ultimately, it gave Sargento a way to showcase the extent of its product offerings in a unique and interactive format. Try your hand at product development in the Sargento Idea Center.