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"Quiet Light has done an outstanding job evaluating the B2B communication needs of Sargento and developing a creative, comprehensive marketing plan that improved our bottom line."
Kevin Delahunt, Sargento

March 8, 2013

Quiet Light Expands Web development Team | Rockford, IL

Quiet Light is pleased to welcome Jason Kruit on board as the latest member of its Web development team. Jason brings a wealth of knowledge in mobile app development and responsive Web design to his new position—Interactive Developer. While he specializes in mobile app construction and data services, he’s also fluent in an alphabet soup of programming languages.

Jason began his career in graphic design, gradually migrating and shaping his creative talents into Web design. Most recently, he worked for a game development studio building data services for mobile-, PC-, Mac- and Web-based games.

Jason is a returning Rockford native who took a detour through Texas on his way to QLC. Along the way, he married, became a father of two and honed his home brewing skills, the latter of which will come in handy during our upcoming QLC brewing sessions.

There’s more—a dynamic duo
To keep up with the increasing demand for digital services and in recognition of their value to the QLC Web team, Alicia Dyer and Kelli Poliska were promoted to Online Analytics Specialist and Interactive Assistant, respectively. In her new role, Alicia will continue to unravel the mysteries of the Web and share her mastery of all things SEO, finding more ways to help our clients engage customers and measure usage. With her promotion, Kelli is now a full-time member of the Web team where she continues to sharpen her programming skills and promises to continue her additional role as the QLC comedienne and this year’s winner of the esteemed QLC Silver Spatula award.