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"There were times that I thought as an organization we were shooting in the dark, but after handing over a project to Quiet Light, they always seem to find the center of the bull’s-eye."
Robert O'Connell, Briess Malt & Ingredients Co.

April 12, 2010

QLC Integral in Development of New Logo & Website for Grain Processing Corporation

You might say the project started with a grain of an idea and just grew. Grain Processing Corporation, a leading manufacturer and worldwide marketer of corn-based products, came to Quiet Light looking for a new logo. The company’s current logo was more than 40 years old and had lost some of its meaning over time.

The assignment was to retain the look of the GPC logo–because the company is very proud of its history–while capturing the innovative and progressive culture inherent in the company in the new image. GPC had grown and changed over the years as a company, and it was time for the logo to change, as well. The new logo was then going to be the catalyst for an update of the company’s website.

Familiar, yet new
As the QLC creative team explains it, the new GPC logo is an evolution of the previous one. It still retains its triangular shape, but now it reaches outward, signifying the global nature of the company’s business. The three sections of the logo build upon one another with the earth-tone colors reflecting the renewable resources, as well as the natural essence that underscore GPC’s ingredients. A customized font adds to the fluidity of the logo and ties it all together.

The new logo design was implemented throughout the GPC website. The site not only got a facelift from a visual point, the QLC Web development team gave it a whole new back end design, making the site faster, easier to use and find in cyberspace. Check it out at