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Getting to know Quiet Light – Colby, Chief Barketing Officer

Q: What is Colby’s favorite treat? 
A: As with lots of dogs it’s not really the quality of the treat as much as it is quantity. Interestingly, he absolutely refuses to eat anything made from sweet potato.

Q: Where does Colby sleep at night? 
A: He sleeps in his bed next to Terry’s daughter when she is home. When she’s not, he either sleeps right next to Terry in bed or he will sleep under the bed. Very strange dog.

Q: What is Colby’s favorite pastime? 
A: Colby loves the car/truck! He doesn’t even care if you’re driving or not.

Q: Can Colby do any tricks? 
A: Aside from the normal “shake”, Colby is not a master of tricks. However, he is incredibly smart…. and neurotic. On dozens of occasions Colby has refused, literally digging in his heels, to go over or near certain objects as if they had the power to harm. If he could talk I swear he’d tell us, “I see dead people.”

Q: What mischief does Colby regularly engage in? 
A: He’s a covert digger and a chewer. He is also rather overt at snatching play toys/bones away from his brother. Essentially, he loves to taunt.

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