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Quiet Light Communications Joins Trans-Canada Advertising Agency Network

ROCKFORD, IL (July 11, 2018) – Following Quiet Light Communications’ (QLC) recent expansion into Canada, the firm announced its membership in the exclusive Trans- Canada Advertising Agency Network (T-CAAN). The network is a support group for independent advertising and marketing agencies across Canada. Quiet Light Canada, a full-service, B2B, food and nutrition marketing communications agency joined T-CAAN to better serve its clients through the broad-based network’s resources.

For more than a half century T-CAAN, has given independent agencies a conduit to expand the scope of their businesses through information and resource sharing. “Canada is a diverse, multicultural market with unique regional differences,” explains Christina Dong, QLC executive vice president and leader of the Canadian division. “T- CAAN provides a bridge for us to support our clients effectively throughout Canada from our hub in Toronto. Being nimble in the digital marketing game is critical as technology evolves, and as competition is ever-present. With our T-CAAN alliances, we can try new things faster for our clients, with an efficient learning curve.”

“Joining T-CAAN is a great opportunity for QLC as we expand our business to serve clients in Canada,” says Terry Schroff, QLC CEO. “T-CAAN gives us the ability to lean on a bigger hive mind to find the answers we may not immediately have for our clients. As an organization, we pride ourselves on challenging the status quo and exploring new technologies to move our customers’ business forward. This partnership multiplies our resources.”

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