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Getting to know Quiet Light – Ellen Grall – Client Services Director

Born in Chicago, grew up in Oak Park, Illinois and lived in Rockford (home to QLC) since 2003.

When she is not developing killer communications strategies for her clients, she can be found redecorating, renovating or re-doing something – look out Joanna Gaines! Otherwise, Ellen is courtside or sideline to her kids’ basketball, baseball or soccer games cheering loudly for her kiddos.

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: Rare, seasoned tuna or tuna carpaccio (a rare favorite for those of us in the Midwest).

Q: Do you cook and what is your specialty?
A: Hell yes! My favorite thing that I cook is pasta carbonara. I think it might be Rachel Ray’s recipe originally, but I take full credit for it.
What I cook most often for the family though is usually just a big mix of veggies and rice with ground turkey mixed in (or fake meat for the vegetarian in the family).

Q: Do you have any pets?
A: We have 2 cats – Roma and Ginny (who we only ever call Kitty and mini Kitty for some reason) and a chocolate lab named Bernie. We’ve had him for about a year and a half, and the cats still hate him. Poor Bernie!

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