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Getting to know Quiet Light – Leo – owner Vinnie

Q: What is Leo’s favorite snack?
A: This is a tough one for Leo because he has food allergies, oh the downside of being a purebred German Shepard. So right now he loves anything he can sneak. But back in his early years before the allergy diagnosis, Leo loved himself some popcorn! Not the microwave kind though, he loved some stovetop popcorn.

Q: Where does Leo like to sleep?
A: I wish he liked to sleep in his slightly expensive and too big for our bedroom dog bed, but unfortunately, he doesn’t. Leo sleeps right by the bed on his Mama’s side. So close to the bed in fact that when he tosses and turns in the night, he shakes the whole bed. Put it this way, we could sleep through an earthquake now that we have grown accustomed to Leo’s nightly rituals.

Q: Name one naughty thing Leo does?
A: That’s a tough one because Leo is such a great dog. I wish our kids listened as well and as consistently as Leo does. I guess if I have to pick something it would be his fondness for greeting people with a very direct sniff… And he doesn’t discriminate by age, from grandmas to kids he tends to put his nose in the most personal of places.

Q: Who is Leo’s favorite person/animal?
A: This is an easy one, but it isn’t just one person. He LOVES his family, mostly his brother and sisters! He’s not happy ’til everyone is up in the morning and loves to help wake them up in the mornings with an overabundance of kisses.

Bonus Q: Is Leo a Leo?
A: Actually, Leo is short for his proper name Leonidas! But his birthday falls on February 11th, so that makes him an Aquarius I believe.

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