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Getting to know Quiet Light – Ralph the Cat – owner Alicia, Director of Digital Services

Q: Where does Ralph sleep?
A: During the day, you can usually find him snoozing in his tree fort (his cat tree) or basically anywhere far, far away from his 6 month old human sister.

Q: What does Ralph do to get in trouble?
A: He likes to sneak into places he’s not allowed, like closets and drawers. He was once accidentally left in the linen closet all day while his family took a day trip to Madison. 🙀

Q: What is Ralph’s biggest fear? 
If you ask Katie Barisa, Katie Barisa. But probably a world without string cheese…he goes ape for some string cheese.

Q: What does Ralph like to do the most?
A: He loves when his human mom and dad take him outside. He gets super excited when he hears the drawer where his leash is kept open.

Q: One interesting fact about Ralph.
A: Ralph is very dog-like. He knows his name, greets people at the door, begs to play with his toys and loves meeting new people (except Katie Barisa).

Ralph the Cat

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