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Getting to know Quiet Light – Sassy – Owner Valeri Lea

Her full name is Sassafras. Her street name is Sassy, but we call her The Frass sometimes (like The Godfather) when she’s especially sassy.

Q: What is your pet’s favorite activity? 
A: Waking me up early for her morning Greenie treat. She herds me straight into the kitchen pantry every morning to get one.

Q: What is your pet’s favorite food/snack? 
A: Baby carrots

Q: Where does your pet like to sleep? 
A: With me; often sleeping horizontally to take up as much room as possible.

Q: Name one naughty or quirky thing your pet does? 
A: When we’re down on the floor playing, she’ll try to sit on me to win. If I tell her to keep her butt out of my face, she’ll purposely turn around and point her rear at me.

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