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2020 QLC Cookie Exchange Extravaganza Spectacular – COVID Edition

What. A. Year. Amiright?

We’ve had to give up a lot this year. Time with friends and family, sporting events and concerts, and not being able to see our coworkers’ smiling faces on a regular basis are just a few of the things that we’ve had to go without this year. In a year that we’ve had to give up so much, there was one tradition we were not yet ready to throw to the wayside.

It is with great excitement that we are happy to announce the 2020 QLC Cookie Exchange Extravaganza Spectacular – COVID Edition.

How in the world did we host a safe cookie exchange in COVID times? Well after much careful planning used this plan to minimize contact and maximize the fun:
Participants dropped their pre-wrapped cookie creations off at the office.
Very special cookie elves delivered cookies from each participant on porches later that week. Then cookies were consumed and judged as we hopped on a Zoom chat to discuss our creations/campaign for our cookies.

This year’s cookie exchange had 10 people participate and had everything from classic crowd pleasers to new exciting creations. Everyone nailed it, and we had a blast.

Scroll down to find out who is the proud new owner of the 2020 QLC Cookie Exchange Extravaganza Spectacular-COVID Edition Silver Spatula.

How are you keeping office holiday traditions alive this year?

OUR 2020 WINNER! Congratulations Alicia!

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