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Getting to know Quiet Light – Albert – Owner Jean-Pierre Vil

Q: What is your pet’s favorite activity?
A: It’s pretty stereotypical, but napping.

Q: What is your pet’s favorite food/snack?
A: He loves anything with seafood, but salmon is his favorite

Q: Where does your pet like to sleep?
A: He sleeps anywhere and everywhere. Under the couch, on the couch, on the floor in a sunbeam, in my laundry bin, in a random closet. He really has an eye for really comfortable spots no matter where he is.

Q: Name one naughty or quirky thing your pet does?
A: He likes every door in the house open, except the front door. If a door is closed for too long, he’ll try to lead us to it and meow at it until we open it.

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