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Getting to know Quiet Light – Bernie – Owner Ellen Grall

Q: What is your pet’s favorite activity?
A: Our 3-1/2 year old lab mix, Bernie, gets really excited about two things – walks and the FedEx guy. We can’t say “walk” in our house. We have to spell it, so Bernie doesn’t get too wound up. Bernie can also hear the FedEx truck when it is half a block away and will barrel through the house to the front window to excitedly watch his buddy deliver packages to houses on our street.

Q: What is your pet’s favorite food/snack?
A: Favorite food – well, he is a lab, so he will eat really anything, but he will come running when he hears someone open a banana. (Our unwritten rule is that he gets at least one piece.)

Q: Where does your pet like to sleep?
A: Bernie puts himself to bed every night around 10:30. He heads right up to the dog bed in our room. He’ll happily sleep on his bed all night unless it’s raining, then he wants to be in bed with his humans.

Q: Name one naughty or quirky thing your pet does?
A: Bernie sometimes gets into our pantry – and will remove food that he then spends time with. We’ve found potatoes, onions, loaves of bread, bags of bagels, next to him in his favorite lounging spots.

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