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Getting to know Quiet Light – Roxy – Owner Jennifer Ohlinger

Q: What is your pet’s favorite activity?
A: Lying in the yard and guarding it from squirrel, bird and/or bunny trespassers.

Q: What is your pet’s favorite food/snack?
A: Food. Literally – any and all kinds of food. She is a Beagle through and through.

Q: Where does your pet like to sleep?
A: Sprawled out on her giant memory foam dog bed next to her human mom and dad’s bed. She is quite the loud snorer and vivid dreamer and has been known to bark loudly in her sleep!

Q: Name one naughty or quirky thing your pet does?
A: As a true Beagle, she is very food motivated and will climb onto the kitchen table for your plate if you leave it unattended. She has even been known to quietly sneak into the kitchen (essentially tiptoeing) when she knows there is unguarded food.

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