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Earth Day 2021

We love our planet. We love food. So this Earth Day, we bring you tips to leave the planet better than you found it: foodie edition.

Here are three easy food-centric actions you can do today (and every day) to support the Earth!

1. (Reusable) Bags are back!

With COVID restrictions being lifted, many grocery and retail stores are now allowing shoppers to begin using their reusable bags again. Start keeping your bag collection in the car, so they are ready for your next grocery run. According to the NRDC, the average American family takes home almost 1,500 plastic shopping bags a year. Do your part to curb the waste.

2. Trim your Takeout Trash

When ordering take out, skip the disposable cutlery and pass on any condiments that you already have at home (ketchup and sour cream for example). Did you know we’re experiencing a ketchup shortage?! Consider choosing restaurants that use compostable or recyclable containers or select food items that naturally use minimal packaging.

3. Reuse your leftovers

Food waste continues to be a huge issue, so do your part by composting your expired or leftover fruits and veggies instead of throwing them away. The internet is full of information on how to get started, but for starters, pull out that air fryer to heat up leftover chicken tenders to toss in your salad the next day or to crisp up your fries.

Together, we can eat more sustainably and responsibly to take care of the Earth.

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