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Why We Are Pushing Pause on New Social Content

(And Why That’s a Good Thing)


On the heels of a 3-day weekend, it seems appropriate to talk about the importance of rest and intentional breaks — especially during difficult times. 

Katherine May author of Wintering: The power of rest and retreat in difficult times, writes: “Wintering brings about some of the most profound and insightful moments of our human experience, and wisdom resides in those who have wintered.” The last 18 months our world has been wintering in a pandemic. It has shifted our world, industry and individual lives in ways no one expected. We’ve been reminded as a culture the importance of rest to restore, reset and rejuvenate to better ourselves, our productivity and our ideas. 

Here, at QLC, we are planning to intentionally rest by pausing our social content creation for the next month and want to share with you, our plan.  

The Power of Repurposing Social Content

This next month, you will see reruns of our favorite and most successful pieces of content from 2021. We think it’s important to normalize repurposing content and being transparent about it. You would never invest in the creation of an advertisement and only run that one time, right? So, why are marketers afraid to rerun content on social?

What you may not realize is that brands you follow are already resharing the same content or repurposing parts of their material over and over on social media, but you do not see it because the algorithm didn’t serve it to you or because you did not log onto Instagram that day or because you simply forgot you saw the earlier post. 

Most marketers are familiar with the “Rule of 7” that essentially claims a potential customer needs to see an advertiser’s message seven times before they act. The same rule applies to social media. Messages that mean a lot to your brand cannot be carried on one LinkedIn post. Find ways to share that message multiple times in fresh ways to ensure your audience acts.

We know there are some posts from this year that deserve a second round of love and can’t wait to share them with you again. 

The Power of Strategic Integrated Planning

In addition to giving our social media team a well-deserved break and testing out our rerun theory, the final reason we are pausing our content creation is to make room for annual planning.

Setting time aside to evaluate campaigns and reset the strategy for the next year is so important for the success of any good marketing campaign. However, it can be tricky to balance creating content for social media today, while also dreaming about tomorrow, so this break will ensure our team can focus on building a solid foundation for 2022. 

Have you started your communications planning for 2022? Do you want a quiet light to support you in that endeavor? 

We love when clients bring us to the table during planning season, so we can bring learnings from the prior year, new trends from our industry and integrate our plans across disciplines and departments to make sure our clients are getting the biggest bang for their buck. 

So, there you have it. That’s our plan for September. 

Simply put, we plan to recycle social content to show how that cost-savings approach can give your followers value, to give our team much deserved rest and to create the space for 2022 planning. We hope to hit the ground running after our break with more wisdom, creativity and energy to bring you the value you deserve for your business. 


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