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The Death of Quality – Is Technology Killing Your Customer Experience?

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Prioritizing Authentic Talk in Business and Life: Thoughts on Fierce Conversations

If I hear someone say we are going through “unprecedented” times one more time, I’m gonna start ripping my hair out! 

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Preparing for Uncertain Times: A Word from our CEO on COVID-19

Like so many around the world, we are thinking of, and praying for, all those impacted by COVID-19. Quiet Light Communications has been closely monitoring the situation and has spent much of this week setting up a new normal to keep our employees, clients and communities safe.

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Playing Offense: Business Lessons from the Big Game

“The best defense is a good offense.” – Jack Dempsey

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“Other duties as assigned”… now includes blogging

I remember the day it happened. The day our internal marketing director, Jennifer, called me up and cheerily said, “Terry, we’d like you to write a company blog.”

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