Are you hungry?

"We are so happy to have Quiet Light in our building. Above and beyond the professionalism in terms of our dealings with them, they are just great, can-do people to be around!"
Tommy Lorden, East Side Centre

Our Difference

Some agencies spend a lot of money on acquiring new clients. We prefer to spend the majority of our time helping our customers acquire new clients. Not only does this make for happy clients but it helps build sustainable relationships as well. Some agencies tell their clients what they want to hear. We tell them what they need to hear in order to grow. Some agencies have fancy conference rooms with state-of-the-art teleconferencing systems. Our preference is face-to-face meetings, many of which happen in our large and comfortable kitchen.

It’s not that we have fewer resources or any less ambition than the big boys. Just different priorities. Quiet Light places a premium on its client relationships, nourishing them with honesty and loyalty. We know that if we help you grow, we will grow too. Often times, our clients grow into new industriesFood equipment
Pet food
Personal care and cosmetics
Nutritional supplements
Sports nutrition
, and we happily follow them. In this way, our business-to-business expertise has expanded greatly since we began our food-focused venture 20 years ago.

In fact, nowadays, some of our clients have absolutely nothing to do with food at all. But they still accept our invitations to lunch. They tell us about their unique needs. We present them with unique solutions. And everyone leaves perfectly satisfied.

Sound too good to be true?

We’d be inclined to agree with you if it weren’t for
these client testimonials.