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Today’s digital landscape offers business more and more ways to maximize their online presence, and ROI. When human resources are in short supply (and even when they aren’t), marketing automation – drip email, lead scoring and remarketing – can support your CRM and get your marketing department to run like a well-oiled machine.

At Quiet Light, we live and breathe marketing automation. We know when it can bolster engagement and streamline the sales cycle, and when other tactics are more effective. We can help you develop and implement the right marketing automation tools for wherever your pain points are and create a seamless customer experience.

Avoiding the “Creep” Factor

The B2B environment is unique, and it takes an expert to set up your dynamic remarketing without irritating or “creeping” out your customers with ads and content that follow too closely and too frequently. We know how to strike the right balance between effective communications with brand–safe placements and tactics that disengage customers; think of us as marketing automation superheroes.

Taking the lead out of leads

You ran a successful lead gen campaign, and you are swimming in prospective customers looking for information, needing a sample or eager to place an order. How do you parse through the endless list, when you have so many other priorities? This is where lead scoring can really help. Automatically qualifying leads and providing personalized content relevant to each lead’s position in the sales cycle, prioritizes the ‘hot’ leads for your busy sales team. Trust us, your salespeople will thank you!

When designed correctly, marketing automation is a marketer’s dream. Providing segmented and streamlined communications, measurable results and engaged customers is a win, win, win. Let’s automate your marketing – chat with one of our passionate experts today!