services Strategic Planning Really SMART work starts here

Every great advertising initiative starts with a smart strategy. Marketing dollars are limited, and with a growing list of vehicles to consider and media channels to navigate, figuring out the most efficient and effective means of communicating with your customers takes superior industry knowledge, a driven team and most importantly, smart, sound strategy.

Utilizing our SMARTcycle (Strategic Marketing and Response Technique) process, we know how to take your challenges and develop a winning strategy that truly connects your products and brands with your customers – on a more meaningful level.

The SMARTcycle process is the engine that drives all our strategy, creativity, content creation, messaging and design. Once started, it never stops and is a big reason our clients tend to stick around far longer than the industry average. After all, if the work is always delivering and effectively responding to changing market conditions, why go anywhere else?

Assess the Situation

We take a 360-degree view of the market, the competitors, the trends and more, to objectively understand, the brand, product, or initiative’s complete circumstance.

Analyze the Research

Beyond competitive review and current trends, we look at where the market is heading and the future of the industry, so we can direct our clients ahead of the curve.

Determine Positioning

The right positioning facilitates deeper, more meaningful connections and we have been finding this sweet spot for more than three decades.

Develop a Plan

Creating a deeper connection with your customers requires an in-depth understanding of how they use and consume media beyond just an ad or a tweet.

Execute Tactics

Here is where our creative and digital efforts really start to pay off; with a focus on quality, stellar creative and digital tactics that shine a spotlight on our client’s products and services.

Measure Results

Results are everything – we measure, analyze, learn and improve on every campaign, every time.

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