services Brand Development More than a pretty face

What your brand looks like depends on a lot of variables. The ‘who’ you are. The ‘who’ you want to be. And the ‘who’ you are already registered to be (assuming trademarks are involved). All of these factors, and many more, must be considered and codified in order to create a brand that is true, can scale and retains (and gains) value as time goes by.

That’s why before any colors are chosen or type is specified, we dive deep into your brand’s visual and verbal foundations. The goal is to create a sustainable ‘all on the same page’ understanding that promotes brand continuity.

We call this process SPARQ™ because that’s exactly what it does; spark ideas, ignite inspiration, and generate the kind of conceptual heat that can launch your brand to exciting new heights. It’s actually a lot of fun too.

From this, we then build a strategy for activation and implementation for the 3-, 6-, 12- and 18-month (and beyond) time frame, including internal training and alignment, employee engagement and integrated external marketing for a successful rollout of your new brand.

Let’s create your new brand.