services Social Media To be or not to be, when it’s B2B.

It’s always changing, frequently duplicative, and all too confusing — but social media is definitely not going away. And there is rarely a direct line between a post and a monetary transaction. So, if you’re a pure B2B company, should you even worry about social media at all? In a word — yes!

Social media is an always-on party line of communication that cannot be ignored. The real question is how to most effectively fold it into your existing marketing efforts and extract the most benefit for your corporate and product brands.

This is where QLC can really help. By having our hands and brains in literally every aspect of social media (social listening, analytics, strategy, copywriting, community engagement…), we can keep you up to date on the latest trends, most powerful techniques, and emerging tools. There’s an entire conversation going on out there about you, your products, your customers and their very specific needs – and you need to be a positive part of it.

Wondering how to best incorporate this exciting, confounding discipline into your marketing efforts? Let us shine a light for you.