We Are Food-savvy
communication experts

We’re more than just a full-service communications agency – we’re a tightknit team of creative gurus, strategic thinkers and seasoned communication professionals with in-depth knowledge of the food industry and the trends and regulations affecting it.

What makes us truly unique, however, is that you won’t find any big egos in our group. Just a bunch of honest folks with a quiet confidence in their craft, who take great pride in helping their clients grow. And we are proud to say Quiet Light retains its clients nearly three times longer than the industry average for a reason – because we are 100% committed to serving our clients’ needs first.

What we do — Connect you to your customers

Because of our expansive industry understanding, we know just how to connect with your specific customers. We create targeted, meaningful intersections among needs, products and trends and those who have purchasing influence. These communication intersections are designed to last beyond an ad or a tweet. From websites, to collateral, to targeted digital and print campaigns, we focus and apply this industry knowledge to everything we do.

Most importantly, we intrinsically understand that beautiful and compelling creative is nothing without strategy. Regardless of the vehicle, if the message doesn’t make the right connection, it doesn’t help you or your business. At Quiet Light, we strike the right balance between thoughtful, intelligent strategy, knock your socks off creative and smart, targeted messaging.

Want to shine a light on your products, your quality, and your brand? Let’s talk.

Get to know our team

Anastasia Fomina Anastasia Fomina
Anastasia Fomina
Account Executive
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Pavlo Tkachov Pavlo Tkachov
Pavlo Tkachov
Interactive Developer
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Jenn Strike Jenn Strike
Jenn Strike
Art Director
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Ellen Grall Ellen Grall
Ellen Grall
Client Services Director
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Vinnie Caiozzo Vinnie Caiozzo
Vinnie Caiozzo
Art Director & Videographer
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Brad Bull Brad Bull
Brad Bull
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Audrey Dittmar Audrey Dittmar
Audrey Dittmar
Production Manager
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Don Peach Don Peach
Don Peach
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Nancy Harmel Nancy Harmel
Nancy Harmel
Media Director
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Bonny McColl Bonny McColl
Bonny McColl
Business Development Director
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Terry Schroff Terry Schroff
Terry Schroff
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Patrick McDonough Patrick McDonough
Patrick McDonough
Creative Director
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