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Preparing for Uncertain Times: A Word from our CEO on COVID-19

Like so many around the world, we are thinking of, and praying for, all those impacted by COVID-19. Quiet Light Communications has been closely monitoring the situation and has spent much of this week setting up a new normal to keep our employees, clients and communities safe.

This new normal, for the short-term, is not something anyone really could prepare for. We are all learning as we go and are working to make the smartest business decisions for our team and our clients. Our industry will survive and recover. In the meantime, we are adapting, evolving and ready for the challenge.

To safeguard not only our families here at QLC, but to safeguard the health and welfare of our clients, we made the following adjustments to follow the more recent CDC guidelines:

     1. Halting all but the most essential of travel needs
This goes against my very nature, because I am a huge proponent of building relationships on a face-to-face basis. But that is inadvisable at the moment. Eventually, we will be back in your offices, in your plants and facilities and working with you, where you work.

     2. Equipping our employees to work remotely to promote social distancing
Thankfully, the idea of working remotely, is something we are comfortable with and has been a common practice for years, with client partners all over the world. Putting this into practice for a few more weeks, or even more long-term, will have very little impact on what we do or how we do it.

     3. Continuing to be there for those in our industry
The foodservice and food ingredient industries are facing unprecedented challenges, and we want to help be a part of the solution in helping them meet these obstacles. Our team is here to advise on adjusting marketing strategies, to provide communications assistance or simply to be an ear to bend. In the meantime, stay tuned for more articles on how we all can support the food industry for the future when restaurants, schools and campuses start to reopen.

QLC is a business that for over 20 years has relied on collaboration and teamwork. The team at QLC is an exceedingly creative bunch, so I have no doubt in their ability to help you keep the wheels of commerce turning. I want you to know the men and women of QLC take their responsibility, of helping our clients, seriously. It is going to take each of us working and supporting, not only our clients but one another, to make it through this and out the other side, whole.

Thank you in advance, for your own efforts and for allowing us to walk this path with you.

-Terry Schroff, Owner & CEO