Studies Welcome to the Family Tour Video


Kennay Farms Distilling


Video Creation and Storytelling


Kennay Farms was looking for a visual way to tell their story to distillery visitors. They needed a video that would communicate how they built the distillery business from the roots of the family farm and how those roots formed the foundation that the distillery was built upon — quality, hard work, and family values.


Quiet Light worked closely with Kennay Farms to uncover their story. In order to capture all aspects, we filmed at three different times throughout the growing seasons and once more upon the opening of the new distillery. We did a lot of work to understand the history of this quintessential hardworking midwest farming family and helped them bring their story to life. We developed a script based on these ideals and brought our cameras alongside the family as they demonstrated what it takes to create their unique line of spirits that are linked to their farm and their past while making this distillery part of their future.

How it Worked

The video has been a big hit with visitors to the distillery and has found life beyond its intended usage. We set out to make a video that would tell the Kennay Farm’s story about what their farming family’s approach brings to handcrafted beer and spirits, but in the end, we told a family’s story about how they reconnected with their roots and the spirit of their Midwestern farm to create a place where others can gather, slow down and enjoy life. Cheers!

The team at Quiet Light was a joy to work with! Our family worked closely with them for many months to produce a video conveying our love of agriculture and family. They developed a thorough strategic plan, paid attention to every detail, and made us feel comfortable with each step.
Aubrey Quinn
Marketing and Logistics Manager