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QLC Spotlight with Chef Pat Alberto

Welcome to QLC’s first IG Spotlight, where we shine a light on an expert in the industry to bring you a new perspective to inform your marketing strategy.

To wrap up this month’s focus on restaurant recovery in 2021, we wanted to hear directly from a chef and independent restaurant operator on how we can better support recovery, so we invited Chef Pat Alberto of Octane in Rockford, Illinois (where QLC is based) to be a guest on our premiere Spotlight.

Listen as our PR & Social Media Manager, Bethany Bell, interviews @Keiji946. You’ll hear how he adapted his menu to be #OffPremise, worked with local government to pivot his beverage program, and the No. 1 thing his partners did to help his business stay afloat.

We hope you enjoy this conversation! Tune in next month to hear all about B2B social media marketing.

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