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QLC Spotlight with Chef Pat Alberto

Welcome to QLC’s first IG Spotlight, where we shine a light on an expert in the industry to bring you a new perspective to inform your marketing strategy.

To Market or Not to Market: The question we (marketers) are all asking

Because of the COVID-19 global crisis, every person and industry has been affected in one way or another. Our daily routines have been impacted, and we’ve adapted and adjusted accordingly. As players in the food ingredients industry, we have seen changes in foodservice and logistics demands, work locations, new social distancing protocols and travel restrictions. While many in the industry are struggling with this demand shift/upheaval, many companies are able to move forward – after all, people will always need to eat.

Rockford Advertising Agency Art Director Designs First Lady’s 2020 Commemorative Egg

ROCKFORD, Ill. (April 9, 2020) – For the past 40 years, it’s been an Easter tradition for America’s egg farmers, under the auspices of the American Egg Board (AEB), to present the First Lady of the United States with a commemorative egg. This year’s egg design is the work of local Rockford, creative, Quentin Oliver of Quiet Light Communications (QLC).